“Signs of Life” JazzTimes Review


Rondi Charleston is a superb interpreter of everything from Johnny Mercer to Stevie Wonder has been proven time and again over the past dozen years. But her four previous albums have only hinted at what the remarkable Signs Of Life fully reveals: that she is a songwriter whose poetic, narrative, and compositional skills are comparable to such modern masters as Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon. – Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes

New York Daily News: Top Ten Pick for “Signs Of Life”

Daily News

Top 10 Picks in Music Jazz singer Rondi Charleston has a thick and tawny voice that has caused many to compare her to Abbey Lincoln. Her flair for lazy Sunday ballads deepens the connection but the huskiness of her timbre has its own “DNA.” – Jim Farber, New York Daily News

Jazz Inside “Signs Of Life” review

Jazz Inside

<em>To write your own songs particularly in a genre where one expects standards, brings a raft of challenges. To even try such a task you must dive in with both feet and give it everything; this is no problem for Rondi Charleston. Slow, dignified and unforgettable - I call it beautiful. That word applies to the whole disc: a blending of word and sound you rarely get to hear.</em> – John R. Barrett, Jr., <strong>Jazz Inside</strong>

Hot House Review!

Hot House

These are some of the most memorable new songs to come from a jazz singer since Abbey Lincoln. Charleston delivers vocal artistry at the highest level on this collection. – George Kanzler, Hot House

Rondi Charleston – Time Traveler


Rondi Charleston is one of those rare artists for whom a song’s meaning is as important as its melody. Her personal, thought–provoking, original songs slow the heartbeat and raise the mental senses with a documentarian’s acuity. - Ken Micallef, Downbeat